Mission Australia Brighter Futures

Website: https://www.missionaustralia.com.au/

Address: 125 Chloride Street Broken Hill NSW 2880

Telephone: 08 8087 9781

Categories: Child Care, Parenting, Pregnancy

Eligibility Criteria:

Child 0-8yrs (including families that are expecting) who are experiencing various difficulties e.g. DV, D and A, mental health issues, lack of extended family/ support, parents with significant intellectual and/ or learning difficulties ect.

Referral Method:

Community Service Providers, self referral through Mission Aust, through DoCS Brighter Futures Team

Area Serviced: Broken Hill; Menindee; Wilcannia; Ivanhoe; Balranald; Tibboburra; Dareton

Best Contact Person:

Trudy Zimer (TL) or Tammy Fleming, Amanda Ferguson or Gina Deller

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