Our Purpose

Maari Ma has existed for over 25 years now, and more if the time leading up to our establishment is counted. This Strategic Plan is for the Maari Ma Board to provide the direction for the Corporation over the next five years.

Much has been achieved. We have improved the access to health services for Aboriginal people and ensured the services offered better meet the needs of Aboriginal people. We are very proud of our primary health service based in Broken Hill and providing services across the region, and the increased employment of Aboriginal people in the delivery of all of our services.

But there remains much to do. We want to continue as leaders in developing the health of Aboriginal people: especially in adult chronic disease, in maternal and child health, and in social and emotional wellbeing. We want to continue to define our relationships by respect and honesty, with our partners and with our communities. We want to attract more Aboriginal people to careers in health and to participation in our community activities. We want to partner with the leaders in Aboriginal health across the nation.

We also want to build on our leadership in health service development to explore other aspects of our healing.

As Aboriginal people we need to build on our knowledge of land, culture and family and to use that knowledge to provide opportunities for healing and building strength. We want to support our young people to understand and operate in the mainstream community, safe and secure in their knowledge of who they are and where they come from.

We know that we are the only people who can tackle our own problems and create our own future. Maari Ma wants to play its part in doing this.

Maari Ma Strategic Plan 2020-2024

Our Values


We acknowledge the connection with community and effectively communicate regarding programs to promote awareness and knowledge of health issues impacting on the indigenous communities and their families; to work collaboratively towards healthier lifestyles and wellbeing for all Indigenous People.


We respect people as individuals and will be empathetic in understanding people"s pasts and the issues and challenges they face. We will make no judgement in the choices people have made and will actively work with people to assist in their healing process.


Aboriginal people have a rich culture involving custom, lore and value system based on the sustainability of their spiritual connection, belonging, obligation and responsibility to care for their land, people and environment.


Empowerment of the community and staff increases the capacity of people (or groups of people) to make choices to transform those choices into actions and outcomes; to make informed choices about their health care.


We strive for best practice in everything we do. Our workforce is skilled, competent, confident and innovative. We demonstrate integrity and pride in our work. We encourage and recognise outstanding performance.


We treat others in the community and the workplace with respect, compassion, courtesy, listen and allow them to have their say and express their opinions and ideas, encouraging self-confidence and dignity, building a respectful rapport between staff and community to encourage positive attitudes and behaviours.

Maari Ma's Patient Charter

From access to safety, respect and privacy, our patient charter outlines the rights as a patient that you should expect when using Maari Ma's range of services.

See the Maari Ma Patient Charter