Maari Ma raising the profile of White Ribbon at the Cinema

Posted on: 31-07-2017 | Category: General

Maari Ma raising the profile of White Ribbon at the Cinema

Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation hosted a White Ribbon Movie Night this month to heighten social awareness of the movement which aims to end men’s violence against women.

A free screening of Wonder Woman was held on Friday at the Silver City Cinema. A light dinner was provided along with free popcorn and drinks for children.

Free transport was also provided at selected pick-up points.

Maari Ma Chief Executive Officer, Bob Davis, said the event was an important one for Maari Ma.

“Maari Ma has been a White Ribbon accredited workplace since 2015 and during the year we conduct a number of awareness and fund raising activities.

“This is the first time we have held an event like this and we hope it will help raise the profile of the White Ribbon campaign in Broken Hill.

“White Ribbon’s focus is primary prevention – stopping violence before it occurs.

“It aims to change attitudes and behaviours that result in disrespect, abuse and violence against women.

“We hope that primary prevention activities such as public awareness raising and education campaigns like the movie night we are hosting will highlight the positive role men can play to stop violence against women.

“As the key to the White Ribbon movement is the engagement of men in the prevention of violence against women I encourage all men in Broken Hill to support us in our efforts and join us next Friday night” Mr Davis said.

Outback Pharmacies and Buslink Broken Hill helped to fund the evening.

“We are very grateful to both of our sponsors for their assistance and thank them for supporting White Ribbon” Mr Davis said.

The free screening of Wonder Woman was held at 5.00pm at the Silvery City Cinema on Friday 28th July.


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