Moving to the new PHCS Building

Posted on: 09-04-2015 | Category: General

Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation’s new Primary Health Care Service is completed and service delivery from the new premises in Argent Street, Broken Hill will start next week.

Maari Ma CEO, Bob Davis, said he is very pleased to announce that staff will begin relocating next Tuesday and the new facility will be open for business less than 24 hours later.

“We are very proud to announce that the new facility will be up and running from Wednesday 15th April at 9.00am.

“There will be minimal disruption for clients with the current PHCS to close its doors on Tuesday 14th April at 2.00pm which will allow staff time to relocate” Mr Davis said.

The project, funded by Maari Ma, and the state and federal governments, will provide more space for an increasing number of clients accessing services.

All primary health services and clinics currently provided by Maari Ma will be delivered from the new facility.

In addition, Primary Care Specialist Services staff including mental health workers and dietitians will also be located there.

Mr Davis said work on the premises went smoothly and he thanked project managers Burns Aldis together with CPM Building Contractors, based in Mildura.

“I would also like to thank all staff who have contributed their time and effort for the planning of the transition.

“We have worked together for the benefit of our clients who will now have a facility equal if not better to anything found in a capital city” he said.

Mr Davis said a date for an official opening will be announced in the future.

Maari Ma’s corporate and administrative staff, who relocated to the old Skillshare building on the corner of Oxide and Thomas Streets when construction started, will be moving into the current PHCS site. 

9th April 2015

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