Maari Ma YouTube Stars!

Posted on: 10-08-2014 | Category: General

In early 2014 Kaylene Kemp, Maari Ma Health Manager for Community Engagement, organised the production of four music videos to raise awareness about several issues that impact Indigenous communities in Australia. The idea was to seek young volunteers who wanted to make a difference in their communities through song and dance, and then promote their message online with a YouTube video. Posters were designed and the response was amazing with the youth of Broken Hill, Menindee and Wilcannia all offering to help.

We were lucky enough to have some incredible production talent from the hip hop artists at Morganics and WIRE MC, who put together some very catchy music and helped our young YouTube stars write great lyrics for the tracks. Professional video production and the invaluable work of Jeevika Rajagopal brought our young YouTube stars' performances together into four music videos that are simply awesome. You may have already seen the videos, but lots of photos were taken during the production too, so we've created a gallery of them for each of the videos produced.

Broken Hill



Where We Belong by Tyrone Kennedy and Jamin Jones, feat. Murray Butcher

See our YouTube channel for more information:

We'd like to extend our thanks to everyone involved in the making of these videos. We are in awe of the amazing talent displayed by our young YouTube stars!

Music video Production by Morganics and Wire MC:

Guitar and keys by Wire MC

Video directed by Morganics, shot and edited by Jeevika Rajagopal

Many thanks to Murray Butcher and Wings Drop in Centre (Wilcannia), Menindee Central School, Kaylene Kemp of Maari Ma Health (for making it happen), and Jeevika Rajagopal for making the awesome video clips.