Tick of Approval for TickiT

Posted on: 31-10-2018 | Category: General

A Self Assessment Tool Helping Local Aboriginal Young People 

A unique approach to Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation’s Youth Health program has been given a big tick of approval by both its participants and staff running the program following an evaluation.

The clinics for Broken Hill’s Aboriginal children and young people aged between nine and 15 have a prevention and early intervention focus, and have been in place for more than two years. 

Working on an ipad or tablet, participants use a psychosocial self assessment tool called TickiT designed by a Canadian company and modified by Maari Ma which allows them to share information they may not otherwise feel comfortable about disclosing. 

Maari Ma Chief Executive Officer, Bob Davis, said an evaluation to see how successful Tickit is in helping local Aboriginal children and young people has been completed with outstanding results. 

“Because this tool has been a unique approach to youth health we partnered with the NSW Ministry of Health for the evaluation.  

“We found 96% of respondents said they were comfortable or very comfortable answering the questions via TickiT which means they feel at ease enough to be able to disclose sensitive issues which we are then able to follow up on” he said. 

Mr Davis said the TickiT questionnaire contains simple text and friendly graphics to engage young people and it allows the young person to fill out the psychosocial assessment in private before their appointment using interactive software in a setting where a health worker is available for support. 

“The young person is able to state which issues they want to discuss further and the information is then flagged in a report. 

 “This is then sent immediately, confidentially and electronically through to the Maari Ma GP, providing a foundation for the GP to discuss the issues with the young person during their Youth Health Check. 

“Identification, prevention and early intervention of social, behavioural and emotional issues and risks are vital if we are to make a difference in the lives of our young people. 

“TickiT is enabling the Youth Health team to engage with children and young people in a supportive environment around topics such as home, school, alcohol or sexual activity – topics that can at first be difficult to discuss face to face. 

“We thought that TickiT was a success but having that validation through a proper evaluation provides us with the confidence to go forward knowing we are on the right track” Mr Davis said. 

The evaluation report is now available on Maari Ma’s website: http://maarima.com.au/documents 


22nd October 2018
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